Welcome to our Food Application and Development Centers

At Brenntag Food & Nutrition, we understand that finding the correct functional ingredient for your application can be a challenge. This is why we are at your service in the universe of food. By delivering smart solutions and innovative approaches, we can help strike the right balance when it comes to product taste, texture, appearance and shelf-life.

At the forefront of formulation and application development

Our 28 Food Application and Development Centers across the globe are staffed and equipped to conduct ingredient qualification, food application testing and prototype development. Our dedicated teams focus on key products and applications, as well as on identifying and addressing consumer market trends. The Food Application and Development Centers range from smaller multi-purpose facilities to larger sized and dedicated centers of excellence which offer even more and bigger equipment up to pilot plant scales. But regardless of the size of the facility, our experts are there to assist you in finding the right ingredients and formulations for your products in various market segments.

The vast number of available ingredients and additives is only growing, while the diversity of food applications is becoming wider still. It all means that the selection of the right ingredient has become a highly complex process, and until this day, a simple model that takes all influencing factors of the selection process into account does not exist. The optimal choice of ingredients is critical. It’s all about achieving the right texture and the desired organoleptic properties. This is also true when it comes to achieving the required shelf-life and the appropriate marketing claims of the final food product.

Together we can find the right solutions for your products.

Our wide range of capabilities for food applications and functional ingredients include:

  • Application assistance
  • Comparative analysis
  • Formulation advice
  • Process optimization
  • Ingredient selection and recommendations
  • Formulations guidance

Our project development approach

Our team will help you to achieve premium products, cost optimization or flexibility with alternative ingredients, or develop innovative concepts in a wide range of areas. The five different aspects that we address in a project are:

Choosing the right ingredient

Of course, the five development aspects do not stand alone. For example, when working on a health & nutrition objective like salt reduction, the shelf-life and taste of a product will also be affected. Furthermore, the pH of a product will impact the shelf-life. This will affect the taste and solubility, and, therefore, the efficacy of preservatives, thickeners and gelling agents. Texture and mouthfeel, generated by applying the right food technology, certainly have an influence on taste and therefore the required food design.

Complexity in food development will not disappear. The narrowing down of ingredient selection to separate aspects helps to make the process more transparent. This in turn provides a better insight and understanding into food ingredient performance.

Contact our Brenntag Food & Nutrition regional and local experts today to see how we can support you at our Food Application and Development Centers. Our technical expertise allows us to help you create the right product to address your customers’ needs.

Take a look at selected Food Application and Development Centers and their focus areas:

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