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We want our partners to Sense the Difference – both in their product and business. We are proud of having built a reputation of partnering with the best suppliers of ingredients and additives to serve our customer’s needs and desires. With our robust international and local infrastructures in place, we will be able to share this expertise freely across borders, empowering our technologists around the world to deliver tailor-made food formulations.

Minimizing complexity with the right quality standards

We are fully committed to complying with the industry’s ever-growing safety and quality requirements. Brenntag applauds the industry’s continually evolving commitment to ensuring safe, top performing high-quality products.

All of our facilities adhere to ISO standards and HARPC food safety regulations, and we procure full documentation and accompanying certificates for each product. Through negotiated agreements with our suppliers and an accurate system for tracking inventory, Brenntag reduces uncertainty in the supply-chain, ensuring products arrive right on time, at the right place, in the right quantity and quality.

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