Fruit & Vegetable Processing

From the fields of farmers onto the shelves of grocery stores, fruits and vegetables have come a long way when they finally get served on the dining table of consumers. From the beginning of the harvest to dinner tables, fruits and vegetables endure several steps of processing. These processes include cleaning, sorting, packaging, as well as cropping and peeling.

However, it is not only about fruit and can. The longer the distance and time before purchasing, the higher the importance of food additives. Food additives normally have a bad reputation, but they have the ability to preserve taste and color, improve texture, and extend shelf life. Our experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition know everything about the ideal mix of ingredients to maintain smell, taste, and appearance of your fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable cold juices

Using enzymes is key

Vegetable and fruit preparations are a diverse field. As products differ in structure, they also differ in smoothness and firmness. Texture is essential for most fruits and vegetables; no one enjoys biting into a mushy apple, but there are additional requirements such as freeze-thaw-stability and bake-stability.

Utilizing enzymes in fruit and vegetable processing is crucial since special enzymes trigger certain chemical reactions. We provide a wide range of enzymes for food processing companies that improve the ultrafiltration of citrus fruits, help produce clear apple juice, and increase the yield of olive oil.

Sweet potato chips in white bowl

Perfect side dishes and drinks

Potato products are overwhelmingly popular and come in a variety of options such as chips, french fries, mashed potatoes, croquettes, baked potatos, hashbrowns, potato dumplings, and much more. With all othese options, special formulations are needed to achieve the desired color and ensure they are suitable for any application.

Orange juice, canned tomatoes, roasted almonds, sliced pineapples, and frozen spinach are a few of the many ways of processing fruits and vegetables.

Fruit and vegetable processing enthusiasts

With a variety of solutions, our experts agree to preserve and upgrade the nutritional quality and freshness of your products. We provide your business with a custom-made blends, broad selections of natural and synthetic ingredients, and individually sized packaging to match your company’s needs.

Please contact our fruit and vegetable processing food experts to discuss:

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  • solutions for your complex fruit or vegetable application

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