Consumers of dairy products are increasingly seeking high-quality, clean label, and high-protein options and have a big interest in health and convenience. Due to this, the dairy and ice cream market is undergoing an evolution of innovations. We can help. Brenntag Food & Nutrition supplies a wide range of functional ingredients for the dairy industry. Our food experts help you to develop innovative products ranging from creamy, indulgence ice creams to healthy, low-fat yogurts, as well as vegan alternatives.

A huge trend are over-the-top and luxury desserts with as many elements added as possible. Young consumers love to treat themselves to ice cream or milk shakes mixed with syrups, biscuit or cake pieces, candy, and fruits, topped with cream and waffles. Due to the sharing on social media, a colorful and delicious appearance of special indulgences is essential.

Yogurt parfait with mixed berries

An appetite for innovation

When we think of ice cream, we usually don’t associate it with savory flavors, dairy-free, vegan options, or probiotics added, but this is happening today. By replacing some of the traditional ingredients like sugar or fat and retaining flavor and texture, manufacturers are creating healthier options, appealing to modern consumers. No or reduced fat has become the standard for spoonable yogurts as well. In yogurts containing fruit, oligofructose and inulin are often added via the fruit preparation.

Cheese is also undergoing some changes. Variations with added protein, reduced lactose, dairy- experience high demand around the world. New concepts like plant-based cheeses offer an alternative for vegans, flexitarians, and the lactose intolerant. The thirst for creative varieties also applies to drinks containing soybeans, almond, and oats. Fermented dairy drinks, such as kefir, are especially desirable.

The texture, mouthfeel, shelf-life, and appearance of dairy products such as drinking or spoonable fermented products and flavored milk are key factors that consumers are looking for. Whether authentic and recognizable, or novel and sensational – the demand for flavored dairy products is growing. This is where Brenntag Food & Nutrition can support you in all segments of the dairy and ice cream market.

Cheeses and dairy products

Types of ingredients in dairy products

Products in the dairy industry go beyond milk. Yogurt, beverages, cheese, sour cream, and other items feed consumers and enhance their food. Additives improve the experience for manufacturer and customer. They create products that would not exist without research and development.

Check out our infographic for plant-based dairy alternatives.

Our portfolio of ingredients for dairy products serve purposes such as:

  • Binding and thickening

    Products like sour cream and cottage cheese have natural thickness. However, they can degrade over time. Thickeners such as carrageenan preserve a product's consistency. They also create body in dips and spreads.

  • Coloring

    A quality food product appeals to all five senses. Consumers associate flavors with colors, but the appearance does not come from the flavor itself. Colors increase a food's visual attractiveness and enhance the product experience.

  • Emulsifying

    Fat separates from water and acid without an emulsifier. Monoglycerides, diglycerides, and other emulsifying agents keep the ingredients in dairy items together.

  • Flavoring

    Flavors and flavor enhancers can expand your creative options and make food taste better. They come in savory and sweet options. Salts and yeast add complexity to dips and cheeses. Menthol, vanillin and even sea salt contribute to the full range of sugary dairy products on the market.

  • Preserving

    Without preservatives, most dairy items would spoil between transport and sale. For example, most cheeses would quickly go bad without sorbic acid.

  • Supplementing

    Canadian and American dairy producers fortify milk products with vitamins. In Canada, dairy companies must add vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin D to specific dairy items. The United States does not have this requirement, but most kinds of milk include added vitamins anyway.

  • Sweetening

    Sweet additives cut the sourness of yogurt and turn ice cream into a sugary treat. Sucrose, dextrose, and fructose flavor full-sugar products. Substitutes such as stevia and sucralose provide more diet-conscious options for consumers.

We are committed to provide better nutrition with our extensive health promoting product portfolio through technical excellence and deep understanding of the Korean market.

Jk Jun
Senior Sales Manager, Food & Nutrition South Korea

Experts in everything dairy

Brenntag Food & Nutrition can support you in all segments of the dairy and ice cream market.

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