'Sense the difference': Our worldwide network is dedicated to nothing but food and nutrition.

We love food

Experts at home and everywhere in the world who are passionate about food and nutrition, fully equipped application and development centres, as well as specialised technical service capabilities and excellent service: that is Brenntag Food & Nurtrition.

Our specialised teams are at your service in the universe of food; offering a broad portfolio of high quality ingredients and creating tailor-made food formulations, no matter how small or large our partner's need. Finding innovative and smart approaches for food products that appeal to all senses. Thereby, we put your requirements in the centre and increase your efficiency along the supply chain. We've got you covered. We deliver on Brenntag's safety and sustainability promise and reduce your compliance burdens with support from our regulatory experts.

We are dedicated to better nutrition, taking into consideration the right texture of the finished product, the food safety and the shelf life, while also creating attractive products in colour and taste. We are always looking for healthier options and nutrition formulations that satisfy every appetite. It is our ambition to bring the future onto the table.

Looking at Brenntag Food & Nutrition, it is the perfect combination of creation excellence to distribution capabilities and Brenntag legacy, it is true value – it is more than you think.

One should never forget that trends in the food industry are determined locally while being influenced globally. Brenntag Food & Nutrition is in the unique position of connecting our knowledge of global trends with local taste preferences.

Frank Haven
Vice President Food & Nutrition EMEA
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A living network

Our more than 900 technical experts and commercial staff form an experienced, enthusiastic and diverse food and nutrition group of dedicated employees for our partners. Brenntag Food & Nutrition aspires to be a living network, sharing best practices, knowledge and insights among each other and with our business partners – ultimately with the aim to turn trends into marketable products for you.

At your service in the universe of food

Brenntag Food & Nutrition offers unparalleled technical services. Through our 28 Food Application and Development Centres, we create tailor-made food formulations, no matter how small or large our partner's needs. You will get smart solutions and innovative approaches that strike the right balance – from a product’s taste and texture to its appearance and shelf life.

We are at home everywhere in the world

Brenntag Food & Nutrition is perfectly positioned to cater to its business partners on local level. Thanks to our strong local infrastructure in 76 countries, we are engrained in the local cultures and business. You will benefit from this extensive market, industry and product know-how, including our understanding of regulations, policies, challenges and developments.

Backed by Brenntag strengths

Our partners benefit from Brenntag’s distribution excellence and supply chain infrastructure. We have a broad and deep product offering, and work with the best suppliers in the industry. We deliver on Brenntag’s safety and sustainability promise and reduce your compliance burdens, thereby fulfilling the ever-growing safety, quality and regulatory requirement that we all face.

How we serve the industry

We are the industry’s leading distributor and service provider for food ingredients. Linking product quality, formulation expertise and market knowledge to deliver the best performance in a product’s taste, texture, nutritional composition and shelf life is our daily business.

Our experts work with our customers to choose the right ingredients for their products, while our specialists develop solutions that are tailor-made for each customer’s unique and specific needs –from dairy to meat products, from bakery to beverages, from confectionary to convenience food.

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A glance at our approach

Our experts test ingredients and additives and develop formulations at our own in-house Application and Development Centres. Brenntag Food & Nutrition knows the right ingredient combinations, interactions and processing conditions to get ingredients to perform to their fullest. Our team will help you achieve premium products, cost optimisation, flexibility with alternative ingredients or develop innovative concepts in a range of areas:

Any questions?

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Director Food & Nutrition
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