Discover the new generation of creative, energizing drinks

What are the most popular usage occasions for enjoying energy drinks? The reasons are more complex than you might think!

Research* shows that consumers drink them when they want energy on the go, as an afternoon pick-me-up, while also enjoying the taste. With these important factors in mind, our beverage experts set themselves the challenge of addressing all of the occasions above, while focusing on three different target groups.

The result are three concepts that will appeal to three specific types of consumer.

Discover more about our exciting new ready-to-drink concepts, and how we can tailor them exactly to your needs.

Markus Kammerer
Sales Manager Sweet & Beverage Solutions Food & Nutrition EMEA, Brenntag Food & Nutrition

First concept: Plant-based Energy

Our ready-to-drink, Plant-based Energy concept puts the emphasis on natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle. This creative blend combines the energy boosting power of natural caffeine, mate and guarana with the health benefit of specific plant extracts.

Taking this plant-based approach further, we only use naturally derived vitamins in our powdered base mix. With the addition of unique flavours, this energy drink will have maximum appeal for health-conscious consumers. And if you need expert advice on trending flavour combinations, look no further – we’re here to advise you!

Second concept: Nootropic Energy

Our Nootropic Energy concept promotes sharp focus and powerful concentration. Comprising a complex composition of ingredients based on caffeine and L-Theanine, combined with vitamins, minerals and ginkgo, it improves cognitive function while providing added energy.

Delicious, mind-boosting flavours such as pomegranate-blood orange or blueberry-coconut can take this beverage to the next level, making this ready-to-drink concept uniquely appealing.

Third concept: Physical and Mental Power

Our Physical and Mental Power concept is for the classical energy drink consumer who wants extra energy and a physical boost.

Based on a sophisticated vitamin composition combined with caffeine and arginine for higher alertness, this concept is perfect for the consumer who wants to perform better and longer. Add an exotic flavour to the powdered base mix, and this ready-to-drink concept will thoroughly meet consumer demand.

Curious to learn more about our concepts?

If one of the concepts sounds just about right for you, get in touch with our team of beverage experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition in EMEA to learn more about the possibilities for creative and tailor-made solutions just for you.

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Source: Innova Market Insight, 2020