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This section of our website is reserved for guides and extra content provided by our leading industry managers and subject matter experts to educate and help you solve challenges your experiencing in the chemical and ingredient industry. Guides are helpful commentary and information which can assist applications and developments.

  • Animal nutrition and pet food guide

    Average read time: 7 minutes

    Most pet parents spend more time than they’d like worrying about what’s in their pet’s food. Asking around, visiting online forums, and combing through reviews to find the foods with the highest owner ratings is common — but anecdotal evidence doesn’t equate to a thorough understanding of how ingredients affect food quality.

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  • Calcium ascorbate in food

    Average read time: 13 minutes

    Calcium ascorbate is a common food additive with valuable antioxidant properties. Often used as a preservative, calcium ascorbate can extend the shelf life of food and beverage products and protect against deterioration of color, flavor, and overall quality.

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  • Clean labels

    Average read time: 15 minutes

    In recent years, eating clean and the clean label movement have become some of the major trends in the food industry. In the US, the number of obese and overweight adults are rising.

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  • Food ingredient and additive storage

    Average read time: 9 minutes

    Without proper storage of food-grade ingredients, the food processing industry cannot operate effectively or safely. Being informed of the necessary food safety procedures and the requirements of agencies, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will help you create proper storage.

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  • Food thickeners, gums & waxes

    Average read time: 8 minutes

    The food manufacturing industry in the U.S. consists of over 615,000 businesses and employs over 12 million workers. These people work to provide sustenance that is flavorful and safe. The manufacturing process encompasses how to produce the food in bulk, how to ensure the recipe remains homogenous and consistent, how to package the food for easy retrieval and use, and much more.

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  • Hydrocolloids for food additives

    Average read time: 16 minutes

    Hydrocolloids are functional carbohydrates used in many foods to enhance their shelf-life and quality. These additives are used to modify the viscosity and texture of food products like ice cream, salad dressings, gravies, processed meats, and beverages.

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  • Ingredients in food coloring

    Average read time: 6 minutes

    Food coloring is in many of the foods and beverages we encounter every day. Though we may not realize it, food dyes and additives are responsible for keeping our food looking and tasting the way we expect — and they’ve been around for longer than you might think.

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  • L-cysteines

    Average read time: 6 minutes

    Amino acids are organic compounds that people often refer to as the building blocks of proteins. Different categories of amino acids contribute to critical roles in maintaining your body's homeostasis, which is important in keeping you feeling healthy.

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  • Lutein esters for eye health

    Average read time: 12 minutes

    Taking care of your eyes couldn’t be more important for living a healthy, happy life. Especially as you age, your eyes may need extra help staying resistant to the stresses of everyday light exposure.

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  • Sweeteners

    Average read time: 10 minutes

    Understanding sweeteners and their growing presence within the food industry is important and can play a significant role in the supply and demand of products worldwide.

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