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Webinars for food and nutrition experts

The purpose of our food and nutrition webinars is to share product findings and expertise with others in the industry for enhanced knowledge. Not only do these webinars discuss products ranges from specific suppliers such as Chr. Hansen and AB Enzymes in detail, but also new trends emerging in the market.

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Our featured webinars include:

  • Chr. Hansen's Naturally Derived Colors into Plant-Based Meat Applications
  • AB Enzymes' Strengthen Your Freshness Toolbox
  • Chr. Hansen's Naturally Derived Colors for Pet Food
  • Brenntag's Plant-Based Trends and New Concept Demos
  • Vitalus Nutrition's Gut and Immunity Health
  • Impact of the Eating Habits of Millennials and Gen-Z on the Food Industry

On-demand webinar details

Naturally Derived Colors in Plant-Based Meat ApplicationsChr. Hansen41 minutesOverview of market trends and the importance of visual appearance and color in plant-based meat applications. Learn how Chr. Hansen’s naturally derived colors can provide the most authentic appearance to meat analogies.
Strengthen Your Freshness ToolboxAB Enzymes29 minutesShowcases the elements of bakery freshness and provides an overview of AB Enzymes' new product VERON® MAXIMA and how it can extend shelf life, enhance flexibility and reduce food waste and stale returns.
Naturally Derived Colors for Pet FoodChr. Hansen40 minutesCovers the latest market and consumer trends for pet food for both dogs and cats. It discusses why colors from natural sources are important to customers and the factors to consider when converting from artificial colors.
Plant-Based Trends and New Concept DemosBrenntag Food & Nutrition58 minutesThis webinar aired on July 13, 2020 during Virtual IFT focusing on plant-based trends which has taken over the food and nutrition industry, as well as new concept demos created by our very own food experts.
Gut and Immunity HealthVitalus Nutrition Inc.16 minutesThis webinar explains the importance of a good digestive system for overall health and discusses how Vitalus Nutrition's VITAGOS™ enhances gut health. It also covers new trends for prebiotics, gut health, and immunity.
Impact of the Eating Habits of Millennials and Gen-Z on the Food IndustryFlavorchem1 hour and 4 minutesRebecca Shurhay, Marketing Analyst at Flavorchem, and Norm Schute, Technical Development Manager at Brenntag Food & Nutrition, discuss the eating habits of millennials and gen-zs and their impact on the food industry.
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Our Food & Nutrition specialists are dedicated to providing the best ingredients and knowledge for all markets based on your needs which is why we are providing quarterly webinars with relevant topics trending in various markets.

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