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Following the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)

The Global Food Safety Initiative is an industry-driven global collaboration to advance food safety.

The GFSI benchmarks food safety standards for manufacturers, as well as, farm assurance standards, so consumers have safe, sustainable, and wholesome ingredients in their everyday food. These standards cover all market segments ranging from beverage to confectionery to baking & snacks, and many more.

Brenntag North America's Food & Nutiriton Unit is proud to own and operate 16 Global Food Safety facilities across the United States and Canada.

View our Food & Nutrition Application & Development Center in Allentown, PA.

Regional Operating CompanyLocationFood Safety Certifications
Brenntag Great LakesWauwatosa, WIBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Great LakesOmaha, NEBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthGeorgetown, KYBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthKennesaw, GABRC: Standard: 1 - Issue 8 Food Safety
Brenntag Mid-SouthFairmont City, ILSQF: Food Safety
Brenntag Mid-SouthSt. Louis, MOBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthCalvert City, KYBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthDurham, NCBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthHebron, OHBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthHenderson, KYBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag Mid-SouthOrlando, FLBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag NortheastReading, PABRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag PacificFresno, CABRC: Standard: 1 - Issue 8 Food Safety
Brenntag PacificSalt Lake City, UTBRC: Storage & Distribution
Brenntag PacificSanta Fe Springs, CABRC: Standard: 1 - Issue 8 Food Safety
Brenntag SouthwestLancaster, TXBRC: Storage & Distribution

List of all the GFSI certified facilities in the United States

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