Processed Foods

Food processing is a highly competitive market and Brenntag Food & Nutrition knows the importance to stay on top of industry trends with new innovations and product enhancements. Let us help you formulate your processed foods with the latest ingredients and taste enhancers for an improved product.

We can help with food additives for your processed food needs. Whether its moisture retention or color changes, we have the expertise and food knowledge to take your product to the next level. Leave it to us to prototype test and develop applications, while you can relax knowing your product will be on the forefront of food processing trends. Brenntag Food & Nutrition is here to be your guide when navigating changes in the processed foods market.

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Safely modernizing food

In this highly competitive industry, your company must use the latest ingredients to keep up. We partner with food processing additive suppliers across the world to provide you with solutions for your food processing needs. Food processing facilities use additives for enrichment, foritication, preservation, addition of texture, moisture retention, emulsification, addition or enhancement of flavor, color change, and caking prevention.

Added ingredients form the basis of modern food processing. Innovation in additive technology gives you complete control over your products. You can now easily determine a food's appearance, flavor, shelf life, and marketability.

We follow the latest trends in packaged food, keeping your company ahead of the competition. You will get expert advice relevant to processed foods to ensure you are not only meeting the industry standards, but exceeding them.

  • Addition of Texture

    Giving food a different texture can make it more appealing to consumers. Gelatin, pectin,
    and carrageenan add body and thickness to a variety of products.

  • Flavor Addition or Enhancement

    Just like cooking at home, creating manufactured food involves creating a good taste.
    Sweeteners like sucrose and stevia add a sugary taste. MSG and proteins enhance a food's
    savoriness. Menthol and vanillin add the flavors from their original sources.

  • Color Change

    A food's appearance influences the consumer experience almost as much as taste. Natural
    and artificial colors create products that look tastier.

  • Preservation

    The world would not have modern packaged food without preservatives. Ascorbic acid,
    BHT/BHA, sodium benzoate, and other additives keep products from spoiling.

  • Emulsification

    Products that contain fat and water separate over time. Emulsifiers like lecithin prevent this
    separation from happening. They also provide a creamy and smooth texture.

  • Enrichment

    Certain foods lose their nutrients during processing. During the enrichment process, the
    producer adds them back in. For example, grain products such as flour and rice lose B
    vitamins, iron, and folic acid. The facility enriches them with these vitamins and minerals
    to keep consumers healthy.

  • Fortification

    Fortified foods contain added nutrients that were not in the original product. Milk receives
    vitamin A and D fortification from most dairy producers.

  • Prevention of Caking

    Powdered foods and ingredients clump together without anticaking agents. Silicates and
    other additives keep every granule separate.

  • Moisture Retention

    Humectants such as glycerine prevent packaged food from drying out. Phosphates hold
    moisture in meat products and keep them fresh.

We have the capability to prepare prototypes and introduce packaging solutions by applying our understanding on ingredients and applications and at the same time promoting marketing concepts and trends such as sodium reduction and sugar reduction.

Serene Lim
Industry Manager Food & Nutrition, Malaysia

Experts in processed foods ingredients

Our food processing account managers and food scientists keep track of the latest developments to help you find solutions that let you achieve your business goals.

Are you interested in the processed foods market? Please contact our food experts and discuss with them:

  • how to extend shelf life of your food product
  • how to achieve the required texture, mouthfeel, or stability for your application
  • how to build your taste, with unique flavors, flavor enhancers, and extracts

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