Our organisational structure

Brenntag Food & Nutrition serves clients operating in every possible sector of the food industry, always with the same commitment and dedication, which is reflected in the structure of our organization.

Narrow specialization, broad knowledge

The structure of our Food & Nutrition department is oriented towards market segments and related to specific food applications. This approach enables a much deeper specialization of employees who, thanks to their experience and in-depth knowledge of a given segment, can quickly and effectively respond to your needs.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition is divided into 4 main sectors, which include individual end-applications.

Sweet applicationsMeat & culinary applicationsDairy applicationsFood processing & beverages
  • confectionery
  • jam, fruit preparations
  • cereals, cereal bars
  • baked goods
  • food supplements
  • choloate based products
  • special food
  • meat processing
  • soups
  • ready meals
  • ketchups, souces, dressings
  • cenvenience food
  • plant based products
  • dairy ingredients
  • dairy consumer products
  • ice cream
  • alcoholic beverage:
    - beer,
    - wine,
    - spirits,
    - malt drinks
  • soft drinks
  • coffee, tea
  • fruit juices, fruit concentrates
  • fats, oils
  • tabacco
  • potato and starch processing

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