Food Application and Development Center

Food Application and Development Center is a complex of modern laboratories dedicated to the basic branches of food industry: beverage, bakery & confectionery and meat processing.

The Center operates a unique technological park, equipped with the state-of-the-art devices used for pilot production, as well as measurement equipment for performing basic analysis of end-products (e.g. instrumental analysis of texture or osmolality measurement).

Food Application and Development Center provides technological support tailored to the customer‘s needs in respect of new technologies implementation, formulation support and product properties analysis.

Savoury kitchen

Tested range of food products:

  • soups, sauces, ready meals
  • dressings, ketchups, mayonnaises
  • fish products
  • marinades
  • processed vegetables, salads
  • processed cheese and cheese analogues

Types of treatment:

  • heat treatment: frying, roasting, baking, cooking, sterilisation, pasteurisation
  • mechanic treatment: homogenisation, emulsification, mixing

Meat and meat analogues processing

Fully equipped pilot plant. Types of finished products:

  • injected – whole muscles systems
  • rinded meat systems - sausages, salami, kabanos, luncheon meat, burgers, meat balls, etc.
  • emulsified meat systems – frankfurters, mortadela (lyoners), pate

Processing types:

  • injection, tumbling, grinding, blending
  • chopping, homogenisation, stuffing, cooking, sterilisation, pasteurisation
  • smoking and thermal treatment: smoking, cooking, roasting, sterilization, steam cooking

Bakery and confectionery

Types of ready-to-use/ ready to-eat products:

  • bread improvers
  • bread mixes and concentrates
  • cake mixes and concentrates
  • pastries, biscuits/ cookies, crackers
  • custard cream, fruit, chocolate, nut, fat fillings
  • glazes, icings, fondants
  • desserts (jellies, pudding, jelly, mousses)
  • processed fruits (jams, marmalades, fruits in gel)
  • hard boiled candies, caramels, jellies
  • sweet spreads


Main applications:

  • flavoured water
  • soft drinks – sparkling and still
  • functional soft drinks
  • energy and isotonic drinks
  • fortified drinks (minerals, vitamins, fibers, proteins, botanicals, etc.)
  • sport drinks, malt drinks
  • flavoured beers
  • alcoholic drinks