Meat, Poultry and Fish

Global meat consumption has doubled over the last 20 years and market analysts expect it to double again until the year 2050. Dynamic food innovations, the consumers’ demand for clean label products, changing living conditions and the rise of meat free alternatives will alter the meat, poultry and fish market in the future. To stay on top of the competition, the industry has to keep up with trends and Brenntag Food & Nutrition is the perfect partner to achieve these goals.

Free-from claims and the clean label revolution are significant trends in the meat, poultry and seafood market. Many consumers check the packaging of a product for added-value attributes like organic, raised without antibiotics, minimally processed or free from nitrites and allergens. But each ingredient is significant to enhance shelf life, sliceability, flavor, succulency, texture and appealing look of a product. To keep all these essential attributes and to reformulate the recipe to meet the trends is a challenging task, which our experts can provide.

meat steak

Non-vegetarians join plant-based trend

According to market researchers the amount of meatless product launches has risen by 29,5 percent within one year, but the number of vegetarians remained stable. Flexitarianism is the magic word that boosts creativity and innovation in the industry and increases the demand. It is a gigantic trend that many non-vegetarians welcome meat substitutes to complete their diet. The success comes with the addition of meat-like qualities to substitutes. Plant based seafood, burger patties or meatless chicken are reformulated by food experts to resemble the model in terms of juicy texture, appealing color and bold taste.

Hot dog

The meat, poultry and seafood segment offers many starting points for innovative solutions and flavor experiments. To satisfy the consumers’ desire for a clean label, formulations must be reinvented over and over due to specific regulations that vary from one country to another. Since vegetarian and vegan products are largely manufactured by the meat industry there is a vast area to explore. For whatever challenge you have, Brenntag Food & Nutrition partners with the best suppliers and offers the broadest ingredient portfolio in the industry.

  • Food design
    • flavourings, natural flavourings, extracts
    • yeast extracts
    • hydrolysed vegetable proteins
    • foodstuffs with flavouring and colouring properties
    • synthetic and natural colours
    • flavour enhancers
    • other
  • Food ingredients
    • sodium chlorides and other salts
    • dried egg products
    • functional flours
    • gelatins, various gel strenght
    • gelatin hydrolysates, collagen protein hydrolysates
    • other
  • Food technology
    • plant and animal proteins
    • starches: native, functional native, modified
    • phosphates
    • thickeners and gelling agents
    • emulsifiers
    • sugars
    • other
  • Nutritional ingredients
    • fibers
    • minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium
    • nutraceuticals
    • sugar substitutes
    • poliols
    • high intensity sweeteners
  • Food safety and shelf life
    • preservatives
    • acids and their salts
    • antioxidants
    • stabilizers and acidity regulators
    • other
  • Processing agents
    • drinking, industrial and waste water treatment agents
    • chemicals for cleaning and disinfection (lub chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting devices)
    • anti-caking agents
    • anti-foaming agent
    • carriers and solvents
    • raising agents
    • enzymes for meat, fish and seafood industries
    • other

Our offer

Meat, poultry and fish industrial branch is the key segment of all food industry. For our customers from this segment we can offer a vast amount of raw materials, functional additives and other chemicals that can improve our customers final product, such as:

  • functional proteins
  • flavours
  • taste and flavour enhancers
  • preservatives
  • phosphates
  • stabilisers
  • emulsifiers
  • hydrocolloids

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