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Nowadays claims like “probiotic” on yoghurt, “source of vitamin” on juice packages or the promise to contribute a certain “daily amount of fibre” on cereals are crucial for consumers to purchase a product. Brenntag Food & Nutrition offers an immense variety of vitamins, mineral nutrients, omega-3 oils or other ingredients with a health benefit, to enrich your product.

Healthy shake
Concentrated dose of daly vitamins

Focus on a balanced diet

Those who want their vitamins and mineral nutrients in a more concentrated form will reach for special food supplements. Vitamin preparations supply a highly dosed intake and come as a powder or capsule. Many of these nutraceuticals target at certain groups: There are products especially for women or elderly people as is a huge focus on supplements for babies and toddlers.

When it comes to increase of stamina, weight gain or muscle growth, sports nutrition and additives are desired supporters. Be it just before or hours after the exercise: people who want to boost their performance pay special attention to the ingredients of a snack, which can come in different dosage forms like bars, liquids, powders, granules, gels, capsules or tablets.

vegetable smoothie
We know how to prepare a good smoothie

Vegan and plant-based alternatives are one of the biggest trends of the industry. The mix of a balanced diet with selected elements of performance nutrition is key.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition is your premium partner when it comes to special ingredients for target dietary needs. We enhance your products with high-quality food ingredients to fulfil popular claims like for the fortification of the immune system, strengthening of bones or energy boosts.

  • Food design
    • flavourings, natural flavourings, extracts
    • synthetic and natural colours
    • foodstuffs with flavouring and colouring properties
    • other
  • Food ingredients
    • malt extracts
    • gelatin hydrolysates / collagen protein hydrolysates
    • cocoa and chocolate
    • functional flours
    • malt flours
    • seeds and grains
    • sodium chlorides and other salts
    • dried egg products
    • fat powders
    • gelatins, various gel strength
  • Food technology
    • plant and animal proteins
    • emulsifiers
    • phosphates
    • starches: native, functional native, modified
    • thickeners and gelling agents
    • other
  • Nutritional ingredients
    • aminoacids and sport nutrition ingredients
    • fibers
    • sugars and sugar substitutes
    • minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium
    • nutraceuticals
    • poliols
    • high intensity sweeteners
  • Food safety and shelf life
    • preservatives
    • acids and their salts
    • antioxidants
    • stabilizers and acidity regulators
    • other
  • Processing agents
    • enzymes for baking industry
    • enzymes for food supplements
    • carriers and solvents
    • anti-caking agents
    • glazing agents
    • anti-foaming agent
    • raising agents
    • drinking, industrial and waste water treatment agents
    • chemicals for cleaning and disinfection (lub chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting devices)
    • other

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