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Our experts in the Bakery & Bread segment are keen to help you create the comforting sensation of freshly baked goods while also developing exciting new bakery products focusing on the current trends in the market – be it protein-enriched or sugar-reduced baked goods. We have the knowledge about the current trends in the bakery segment and are keen to produce excellent formulations and products that address these trends in the best way.

Do you need a solution for gluten-free products, the increasing demand for natural and fresh products or clean label options, we have the experts that create tailor-made solutions for your product. Our Food Application and Development Centers strive to design the perfect crumb structure and color, the ideal volume, and the best taste to satisfy your customers’ desire for baked products.

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Rising to your challenges in the bakery segment

The increasing demand for bakery products that contain ingredients such as fiber and whole grains will continue to fuel the demand for bakery products. The bakery industry is predicted to emerge as the fastest growing sector in dietary fiber market. Also gluten-free is one of the key trends influencing the bakery and bread segment. Our experts have solutions at hand to create tasty products without gluten but keeping the same texture.

The bakery category is a vitally important part of consumers diet, be it as a meal for breakfast or lunch, or as an in-between snack, and it’s crucial that manufacturers keep on top of trends and market research to best tailor their new product developments to customer demand. Brenntag Food & Nutrition is your partner to support you to stay ahead and find solutions for such challenges and trends arising in the bakery and bread industry.

  • Food design
    • flavourings, natural flavourings, extracts
    • synthetic and natural colours
    • foodstuffs with flavouring and colouring properties
    • other
  • Food ingredients
    • malt extracts
    • gelatin hydrolysates / collagen protein hydrolysates
    • cocoa and chocolate
    • functional flours
    • malt flours
    • seeds and grains
    • sodium chlorides and other salts
    • dried egg products
    • fat powders
    • gelatins, various gel strength
  • Food technology
    • plant and animal proteins
    • emulsifiers
    • phosphates
    • starches: native, functional native, modified
    • thickeners and gelling agents
    • other
  • Nutritional ingredients
    • aminoacids and sport nutrition ingredients
    • fibers
    • sugars and sugar substitutes
    • minerals: calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, potassium
    • nutraceuticals
    • poliols
    • high intensity sweeteners
  • Food safety and shelf life
    • preservatives
    • acids and their salts
    • antioxidants
    • stabilizers and acidity regulators
    • other
  • Processing agents
    • enzymes for baking industry
    • enzymes for food supplements
    • carriers and solvents
    • anti-caking agents
    • glazing agents
    • anti-foaming agent
    • raising agents
    • drinking, industrial and waste water treatment agents
    • chemicals for cleaning and disinfection (lub chemicals for cleaning and disinfecting devices)
    • other

Many different ingredients can be used, but what is the right solution for the best quality of the gluten free bread. We can help you make the right choice for your product.

Wouter Kempen
Business Development Manager Food, Netherlands

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