Processing Aids

Facilitating the production process

A processing aid is a substance used in the production of processed food. It may end up in the finished product, but it will not require labeling on the food product itself. Brenntag Food & Nutrition experts can offer you the right food ingredient solutions to optimize your processing conditions.

Products that can support your product development team as processing aids are:

The use of antifoams and free-flowing agents is sometimes required to either control the production process or maintain properties during storage.

Enzymes are also typically present in processing aids. Here they are active during the production process and inactivated in the final food product. Enzymes influence the yield, capacity or efficiency of food manufacturing processes, as well as the end product properties.

Processing conditions, food composition (substrate) and required action are the selection criteria when it comes to identifying the correct enzyme. Application of enzymes in baking, beer brewing, alcohol production and fruit processing are well known, but novel applications of enzymes are under development too.

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