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Achieving the optimum balance in nutritional composition

Growing consumer awareness around what constitutes healthy food has quickly grown over the past years to being one of the major trends in the food industry. As a result, nutrition & health has become an important driver for food development, together with convenience and taste. At Brenntag Food & Nutrition, our experts understand these trends and are dedicated to turning these opportunities into marketable products for you. We are always on the lookout for healthier options and committed to finding smart solutions to deliver them.

More and more scientific information around the relationship between diet and health is becoming available each day. This is creating a wealth of possibilities for innovation.

The following food ingredients can be used to develop food & beverage products that boast a health or nutritional benefit:

The choice for the right ingredient also depends on the product positioning. This can range from “better-for-you” products, to “look and feel good” products, as well as targeting various population groups.

The pathway to selecting the right ingredient requires first answering some basic questions. What is the food application and desired product positioning? What needs to be communicated to the consumer? Which ingredient fulfils the requirements? Can this ingredient be technically formulated into the application in a sufficient dosage and under the given process conditions?

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Let our food experts support you by answering these essential questions and guiding you through the various options. Together we can find the right concept and food ingredients that will add even greater health & nutrition appeal to your product.

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