Flavor components are naturally present in almost every foodstuff. In order to enhance, standardize or create the targeted taste profile, flavors are used by the food and beverage industry. If you need high-quality, creative or cost-effective taste solutions for your business, remember that Brenntag Food & Nutrition offers a wide selection of flavors and taste solutions to meet your needs.

Food applications for flavors

Work together with our application labs around the world and get the right taste profile for your products; it could be the optimal strawberry for your dairy products, mint for your chewing gum, the chicken for your ready meals, the vanilla for your bakery products or that signature beef profile for your products. Let’s create innovative solutions together; next years beverage profile, the optimal combination of cucumber and ginger or looking at the mega trends and innovate together.

Flavorings are small yet powerful additives that can have a major impact on food appeal. Having easy access to flavors you need will allow you to continue pleasing customers and increasing revenue.


Please check carefully the laws and regulations applicable for you. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable legal and regulatory requirements.

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