Cleaning, disinfection and water treatment

Food manufacturers can rely on Brenntag Food & Nutrition to meet their needs for food ingredients and additives. We also offer a wide range of chemicals for food processing plants, e.g. for cleaning, disinfection or water treatment. And, of course, we support you with regard to the associated legislation in order to meet requirements such as REACH or biocide directives.

Safety during packaging and transport of sodium hydroxide solution

Brenntag offers a wide range of high-quality acids and alkalis used for cleaning purposes. The most commonly used product is caustic soda, which we offer in various concentrations. At Brenntag, we pack caustic soda in drums and IBC containers or deliver the desired concentration in bulk. As it is a hazardous substance, we pay particular attention to safety during packaging and transport.

In addition to pure chemicals such as caustic soda, hydrochloric acid or hypochlorite, we also supply various ready-to-use cleaning or disinfecting agents suitable for CIP cleaning or other purposes.

Everything around water

A clean, safe and reliable water supply is vital to human life. Whether it is wastewater in the sewage system, refreshing drinking water from the tap or process water and steam treatment: Brenntag offers a comprehensive range of products such as biocides, defoamers, flocculants, antiscalants and activated carbon. Our water treatment experts support you with comprehensive technical services to meet all customer expectations.

Safety is always our top priority. That is why Brenntag is the safest and most reliable partner for customized and sustainable solutions for your food processing plants. Our application-specific blends, wide range of innovative products and technical advice go far beyond mere chemical distribution.