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Is your product trending?

Nothing is as constant as change. Up until now we were used to following a new trend every year, but for some time now the contours have been blurring and trends have become megatrends or develop into the “new normal”. The consumer is always looking for new ways to define himself or to reinvent himself, but the focus is always on his experience. Buzzwords such as sustainability, animal welfare and added value are very popular with our customers, but those who limit themselves to just one trend sometimes exclude entire markets with high growth potential.

We would like to help you to get an overview of the current trends and topics around nutrition so that you can fully exploit your potential.

New developments are not always needed, because classic foods are suddenly becoming interesting again in terms of labeling with the Nutri-Score & Co. as well as various claims such as “vegan” or “high protein”.
Let us advise you in order to creatively develop new product concepts together.

Megatrend and subtrend

Megatrends are everywhere, i. H. to be found mostly supraregional and in different branches and only "disappear" when they become the standard. These include B. Light or Clean Label products from the 80s and 2000s. Subtrends, on the other hand, may be locally or temporarily limited or can be found in combination with other trends. But every sub-trend can also become a mega-trend and vice versa.

Quality instead of quantity

The wide range of trends makes it easier than ever for producers to pick out the marketing-relevant benefits of their own products and to improve them even further with the help of high-quality raw materials. The aim is to reach the consumer in his comfort zone and to meet his expectations. Products that follow a trend are noticed and accepted particularly quickly by the consumer - but the demand is increasing!

Dished up lifestyle

Were trends in the past more event or seasonal driven, such as For example, at the soccer World Cup or winter seasonings, today there are emotional issues that go far beyond just eating and drinking. Veganism and Co. are moving into focus and are seen more as an attitude to life than as a short-lived trend.

Our range

We help you to find the right trends for your brands in order to reach their full potential. The selection is based on the following cornerstones:

  • Target market
  • Selection of raw materials
  • Competitive situationTechnological feasibility

We would be happy to advise you on the individual concepts and adapt them to your wishes and specifications - talk to us!

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