Fruit & Vegetable Processing

From the fields of farmers onto the dining tables of consumers: fruits and vegetables have completed a long journey when they hit the shelves of local shops. After the harvest there are several steps of processing, which the food must run through. Some fruits and vegetables only need cleaning, sorting and packaging. Others get chopped, cored or peeled.

But it is not only about fruit and can. The longer the distance and the time before being purchased, the more important are food additives to preserve the delicious taste and appealing color and to extend shelf life. Hence perfect timing to process the fruits and vegetables at their peak is not enough. Our experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition know everything about the ideal mix of ingredients to maintain the smell, taste and appearance.

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Using enzymes is key

Vegetable and fruit preparations are a very diverse field, as products differ in structure from smooth over spreadable to firm. Texture is essential, but additional requirements such as freeze-thaw-stability and bake-stability can be required to meet the demands, so that neither the fillings boil out in the oven nor the water separates after defrosting.

The use of enzymes is crucial in fruit and vegetable processing, since special enzymes trigger certain chemical reactions. We provide a wide range of enzymes for food processing companies that improve the ultrafiltration of citrus fruits, help to produce clear apple juice or increase the yield of olive oil.

Canned, roasted, sliced or frozen

One immensely popular side dish are potato products, that come in varieties such as crisps, French fries, mashed potatoes, croquettes or potato dumplings. Special formulations are needed to achieve the desired and crispy looking brown color and to make them suitable for preparation in the oven or fryer.

Orange juice, canned tomatoes, roasted almonds, sliced pineapples or frozen spinach: The range of items and ways of processing is extremely manifold when it comes to fruits and vegetables. As is the variety of solutions our experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition supply to preserve and upgrade the nutritional quality and freshness of your products. We provide your business with a custom-made blend, a broad selection of natural and synthetic ingredients and individually sized packaging to match your company’s needs.

Brenntag offers a wide variety of enzymes for fruit and vegetable processing applications and has the technical expertise to guide customers every step of the way.

Beeta Little
Technical Development Manager – Enzymes, Prebiotics and Probiotics, USA

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