Food Technology

Providing the right systems for texture and stability

Our dedicated Food Technologists are there to support you in finding the ingredients to achieve the right texture of your finished product. We are creative and find smart solutions even for more challenging projects with multiple steps to take into consideration.

Many food systems are multi-phase systems: emulsions, dispersions, foams or combinations of before mentioned. Creating a multi-phase system as well as stabilizing it, is a serious challenge for food technologists.

The common ingredients of choice are:

In carefully choosing these ingredients a pourable, pumpable, spreadable or cut-able food product can be made. Key functionalities like fat and water binding, crystallization control, rheology characteristics, freeze-thaw or bake stability and mouth feel are the result of precise selection of these ingredients.

Our Food Experts carefully evaluate your required product to choose the right ingredients. A clear vision of the required finished food properties, like eg. pourable emulsion, in combination with the desired ingredient functionalities, eg. water binding are the first step towards our common goal. In a second evaluation step we take the processing conditions and equipment into consideration, and also take into account the attributes such as cost/performance, efficiency and labeling.

In the end you’ll have the product you had envisioned with the right texture and stability.

Get in contact with our experts if you are interested in this approach.


Cellulose fibers (E460) Methyl celluloses (MC, E461) Hydroxypropylmethyl celluloses (HPMC, E464) Carboxymethyl celluloses (CMC, E466)