Food Design

Creating attractive products in color and taste

Consumers decide with their eyes if they want to try a product and then decide with their mouth if they like it. Hence the color for the appearance and the taste for the flavor sensation and mouthfeel are of utmost importance for a product. Our Food Experts are at your service to create products that appeal to all senses.

Ingredients that play an important role in Food Design are for example:

The right color and color intensity should generate an appealing appearance and is a first indicator of the taste to be expected. If the color and the flavor do not match, consumers tend to identify the food more by its color than its flavor, so color selection is extremely important.

But also the taste of a product is important and is a main driver in the food industry. Taste is complex; it is about flavor, flavor release, flavor intensity, texture and mouthfeel. Flavor trends evolve continuously. New flavors are developed but also traditional flavors are used in new and innovative applications. Our Food Experts create concepts for you in which color and flavor form the perfect fit and appeal to our senses sight and taste harmoniously.

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