Brenntag Food & Nutrition to host Global Virtual Nutrition Event on November 9

  • 13/30/2021
  • 2 min

The market conditions across the world are becoming more uncertain and complex. With our Brenntag Virtual Nutrition Event 2021 we want to help the food segment worldwide to successfully adapt to these challenges and grow your business.

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Join us for a full day packed with interesting topics from around the globe. Our global live stream takes you to APAC, EMEA and the Americas region where our teams will present to you new customer insights, market information and innovative product concepts on the following topics:

  • Improved food safety
  • Clear label needs
  • Gut health ingredients
  • Plant-based products

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Learn more about our regional topics

  • APAC (11am ST)

    Improved Food Safety

    A recent study shows that nearly threequarters of consumers in the APAC region express their concern for risk posed by food safety. The consumers view on food safety has become more holistic to encompass nutrition, natural solutions, sustainability, and transparency. We provide multiple solutions where consumers can enjoy their food and drinks safely without compromising in taste and will present some of them in our FADCs throughout APAC.

  • EMEA (9am CET)

    Clear label needs

    Transparency in the food industry is becoming more and more important. Brenntag is aware of that and is able to support customers to address the different needs of clear labels, be it on regulatory aspects, allergy friendly and sustainable options, new creative concepts. The webinar offers interesting insights on the trending clear label topic including exclusive market data. Customers get exclusive insights to our FADCs throughout EMEA and hear from our technical experts how they approach the clear label topic in specific concepts.

  • LATAM (10am EST)

    Plant-based Products

    The global food industry is rapidly adapting to the ever growing consumer demand for decreasing animal based foods from the food chain. The primary factors behind this demand is the growing awareness about the negative impact of animal based foods on health, global sustainability and animal welfare The change is evident in all categories of foods, including meat and dairy. Brenntag is helping the food industry by providing know how as well as sourcing the enabling technologies to create high quality plant-based foods This webinar offers most up to date market insights on plant-based foods in LATAM, and our technical team shares formulation guidance and tips on creating plant-based meats and dairy products.

  • North America (starts after LATAM)

    Gut Health Ingredients

    In this session we will focus on gut health and which ingredients play an essential role. Our experts will offer exclusive insights on the industry trends in the North American market, will take you on a tour through our Application Centers and present recent demo concepts created by our food scientists.

Any questions?

If you have any questions concerning the event, please reach out and we are happy to support.

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