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When it comes to sauces and dressings, creativity knows no limits. Brenntag’s Food & Nutrition experts provide all the needed ingredients to improve the taste, balance the colors, provide stability, and create the required texture and mouthfeel of your products. We also supply a wide-range portfolio of clean label ingredients you can easily incorporate into any sauce or dressing of your choice.

As you already know, consumers are consuming various cooking sauces and dressings influenced by culinary trends and the increasing popularity of diverse tastes. Sauces, dressings, and condiments are used in a multitude of applications such as seafood products, bakery, fruits and vegetable products, and dairy products.

Chips with bowl of salsa

Small parts with huge effects

Sauces and dressings are the cherry on top of any meal. They add a personal note, are indispensable, and exist in an endless variety for a sweet, spicy, or even salty kick, depending on your taste. The demand for enhanced flavor opens new possibilities because, now more than ever, consumers are willing to try different cuisines and spices varying from their typical, everyday choices.

It is no secret that the sauces and dressings market has anticipated growth throughout North America. A key factor responsible for this growth are new consumer trends. Consumers want options when it comes to sauces and dressings. Not only is taste important, but also health factors such as low-fat substitutes, reduced sugar and sodium levels, as well as, clean label ingredients for natural and organic choices.

Sauces and dips in mason jars

The latest and best ingredients are necessary to stay on top of the competition when it comes to the sauces and dressings market. Brenntag Food & Nutrition has the knowledge and a tremendous network of suppliers to help to develop your products for food processing, enrichment, fortification, and preservation. With our innovative and tailored solutions, companies gain full control over every aspect of their desired product, for the perfect sauce or dressing.

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