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Global meat consumption has doubled over the last 20 years and market analysts expect it to keep doubling until the year 2050. Food innovations, the demand for clean label products, changing living conditions, and the rise of meat free alternatives, will continue to alter the meat, poultry, and seafood market into the future. In order to stay ahead of the competition, you have to keep up with current trends and additives.

Free-from claims and clean labels are significant trends in the meat, poultry and seafood market. Many consumers check the packaging of a product for added-value attributes like all natural or organic, raised without antibiotics, minimally processed or free from nitrites, and free from allergens.

Due to these trends, every ingredient is significant to enhance shelf life, sliceability, flavor, succulency, texture, and the appealing look of a product. Keeping all these essential attributes while reformulating the recipe to meet the current trends is a challenging task, which is where our experts play a cruical role. Reduce your stress and let Brenntag Food & Nutrition do the prototype testing and application development.

Meatball appetizer

Non-vegetarians join plant-based trend

According to market researchers, meatless product launches has risen by 29.5 percent within one year; however, the number of vegetarians remain the same. Flexitarianism is the magic word that not only boosts creativity and innovation in the industry, but also increases demand. It is a growing trend that many non-vegetarians welcome meat substitutes into their diet.

The success of meat alternative options comes with the numerous additions of meat-like qualities and substitutes in the market. Plant based seafoods, burger patties, and meatless chicken is reformulated by food experts to resemble their "original models" in terms of juiciness, color, and taste.

  • Antioxidants and Preservatives

    On their own, meat products spoil quickly, losing color and flavor over time. Preservatives
    like citric acid increase shelf life. Sodium-based preservatives keep meat good and add a
    salty flavor. Antioxidants like vitamin E protect meat from oxygen, which changes taste
    and appearance.

  • Enzymes

    Enzymes break down the proteins in meat, creating a softer texture. They tenderize meat
    products without the use of tenderizing equipment.

  • Flavor Enhancers

    Flavor additives make meat products taste more complex. Corn syrup and fructose will
    add a touch of sweetness to your recipe. Hydrolyzed proteins and MSG enhance savory

  • Binders and Emulsifiers

    Texture and consistency are key to creating high-quality, thick food. Starches, cellulose,
    and proteins add thickness to cooked and processed meat products. Items that include
    fats and water separate without emulsifiers. Emulsifiers attract water and oil molecules,
    keeping the mixture together.

  • Phosphates and Humectants

    Consumers prefer meat that stays fresh and juicy. Fortunately, glycerine and other
    humectants keep these products moist and soft. Phosphates serve two purposes. Just
    like humectants, they retain moisture, but they also preserve flavor, making the meat
    taste as good as it did off the butcher block.

Sausage sandwich

The meat, poultry, and seafood market offers many starting points for innovative solutions and flavor experiments. To satisfy the consumers’ desire for a clean label, formulations must be reinvented over and over due to specific regulations that vary from one country to another. Since vegetarian and vegan products are largely manufactured by the meat industry, there is a vast area to explore. For whatever challenge you have, Brenntag Food & Nutrition partners with the best suppliers and offers the broadest ingredient portfolio in the industry.

Whether it is meat, poultry, fish or vegan, my technical expertise and passion for food makes it possible to think out of the box and bring solutions to customers. The more challenging I receive requests about conservation, texture stability, flavoring, coloring and the nutritional profile, the more I see these as opportunities for Brenntag Food & Nutrition.

Koen Rosseel
Business Development Manager Food & Nutrition, Belgium

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