Animal Nutrition

In modern society pets are treated as fully-fledged family members. The well-being of a beloved animal is of great interest to mistress and master. Thus, the demand for high quality and delicious taste of pet food is rising. A healthy balanced diet is a cornerstone for a long and happy life of a companion animal. Brenntag provides a wide range of preservatives, antioxidants, coloring agents, emulsifiers and stabilizers, flavors as well as gut flora stabilizers to enhance your pet food products.

The key trend at the market is the humanization of pet food. Owners tend to treat their companion animals to specialty pet food, premium and luxury products that mimic their own taste. Claims like “raw”, “organic” and “natural” nowadays play a significant role for the selection of pet food. With the perfect formulation, which our experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition can provide, the meat of pet food can be tenderized, the color balanced and the production of savory flavors stimulated.

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A functional approach for health

It is not only taste and look that pet food customers want. Modern products shall also lead to an improvement of a pet’s health. Hence natural and gluten-free formulations are on the rise as is food with a functional approach. Customers pay attention to health claims like a high amount of protein or prebiotic fibers. Studies prove positive effects on dogs’ health and fertility. Another big trend in pet food is the addition of probiotics to help assist in supporting the animals gut heath.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition provides all the premium-quality ingredients for enhanced pet food. Our portfolio of additives supplies many nutrients for a healthier diet and well-being of dogs, cats, small mammals as well as fish and turtles. To combine all these benefits with a label friendly ingredient declaration, we offer a huge variety of clean label solutions from leading producers. Safety and health are significant for our experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition – now and in the future.

At Brenntag Food & Nutrition, we have many products available to complete new pet food formulations and support on-trend innovation. We can assist beyond benchtop prototyping with the expertise and product portfolio to improve production.

Trevor Nichols
Product Development Scientist – Food Ingredients, USA
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Types of ingredients for animal nutrition

Our portfolio features a wide range of pet food ingredients that target one of three applications.

  • Preservation
    Pet food needs a long shelf life to keep both animal and owner healthy. Additives that inhibit mold and reduce microbial load prevent spoilage and illness.
  • Nutrition
    Animals have dietary needs that require added nutrients. Some ingredients can promote a pet food's nutritional value to give pets a well-rounded meal.
  • Processing
    Pet food ingredients like binders and conditioners make the pelleting process easier for more efficient processing.
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Animal feed ingredients aid in three things

In addition to the applications above, animal feed ingredients can aid in:

  • Medication
    Ingredients such as antibiotics help farmers keep livestock healthy. These additives reduce the chance of illness and promote weight gain.
  • Pest Control
    Feed for livestock tends to attract pests that spread disease and create a nuisance. Specific ingredients can change breeding conditions in the feed, repelling pests without harming the animal.
  • Increasing Appetite
    Flavored additives make the feed more appealing to livestock, so they can get the nutrition and weight gain they need.

We work with leading producers to distribute clean label ingredients that meet discerning customers' standards. Our portfolio includes organic, non-GMO and naturally derived additives for specialized feed.

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Benefits of feed ingredients

The animal feed ingredients we distribute enhance product quality by promoting freshness and keeping out pests. They adhere to industry standards for safety and nutrition and improve overall health. Our portfolio of animal food additives enables you to create a product you can be satisfied with because we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We work with every customer to meet them on their terms, so we can innovate together.

Your customers will enjoy the benefits of quality additives as much as their animals. Pet owners will appreciate that you made food their animal friends enjoy — not to mention the long shelf life. Customers in the agriculture industry will also get to benefit from increased feed efficiency and healthy livestock. No matter what challenges your customers need you to solve, we can help you find the answer.

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Brenntag can fulfill your animal nutrition needs

People want the best for their animals. Families often consider their pets a part of the household they wish to protect. Farmers see their livestock as a valued part of their business that needs to stay strong and healthy.

We are sure your business has its own philosophy about animal care, and we can give you the ingredients you need to make the animal feed and pet food you envision. Our network of more than 490 locations covers all markets and regions, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

Innovate with us

Brenntag wants to contribute to making the best pet food and animal feed out there.

We offer a portfolio of more than 10,000 ingredients and compounds that help the life science, material science, and environmental industries create solutions.

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