Chocolate & Confectionery

At Brenntag Food & Nutrition we know that a perfectly balanced sweetness profile, quality flavours and memorable textures are of very high importance to the Chocolate & Confectionery market. When it comes to the enjoyment of small delicacies, all aspects have to be flawless to delight the consumer. That is why our specialists are driven by the passion to find the perfect ingredients and formulations for your products to attract all the senses.

The experts in our 29 Food Application and Development Centres all over the world work on market trends such as subtle flavour fusions and individual customisation to make your products unique and stand out from the crowd. The ever-increasing consumer demand for sugar alternatives is another exciting field of application in the area of Chocolate & Confectionery.


In the mood for sweets

Belonging to “mood food” Chocolate & Confectioneries can enhance mental wellbeing of the customer. People like to reward themselves with goodies and to make others happy with a sweet present. But sweet does not necessarily mean calories, since there is a whole segment of sugar-free products like mouth fresheners, lozenges and chewing gum with a huge variety of flavors to be discovered. To replace sugar without the loss of taste or consistency is one of our goals.

Be it children or adults, premium pralines or colorful wine gums: The general public loves Chocolate & Confectionery. Brenntag Food & Nutrition accompanies you to a realm of new taste experiences so that your products land on top of the shelf. We provide your traditional as well as innovative products with a wide portfolio of high-quality ingredients.

As the origin of cocoa is deeply rooted in the Latin culture it is still the king for current and new products in this segment. But even in this sweet category the Latin American consumers like to have more healthy products but without compromising on the current taste. This is a challenge but with our broad product portfolio and expertise can offer our customers new product developments tailored to their needs in the Chocolate & Confectionery segment.

Yurima Aguilar
Technical Leader Confectionery LATAM

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