The Beverage segment is extremely vibrant and offers an immense range of trends to explore. Our experts at Brenntag Food & Nutrition are specialists in guiding you through the vast field of possibilities to develop innovative products. Be it the optimisation of existing formulations or the creation of customer specific solutions: In our Food Application and Development Centres we find solutions for your individual needs.

The drive for healthier choices in beverages, with a focus on sugar and calorie reduction, along with added health benefits is leading to many new product developments. According to a study of market researchers at Innova, 31 percent of US consumers have increased their purchase of flavoured water. Strawberry, apple, cherry or passion fruit and iced tea are classic flavours of choice - but created with as little sugar additives as possible. Brenntag can be your partner to supply with clever formulations that fulfil all demanded requirements.

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Time for adventures

When it comes to beverages, consumers are known to be open for experiments. We see a huge potential in mixtures, especially of fermented drinks such as kombucha with cold-pressed juices. Creative flavour innovations, limited editions and seasonal launches are very popular and offer a wide choice. Mixtures can establish exotic flavours in the market, seasonal products and limited editions for special occasions offer the opportunity to try out extraordinary formulations.

Soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, energy drinks or coffee: Large parts of the population long for healthier, and clean label versions for many products. The demand for fibre fortified drinks, for example, is on the increase and protein enriched is on the rise as well. Brenntag Food and Nutrition provides the know-how and in-house development work to revolutionise your formulation and give your drinks all the features you demand.

"Bringing great taste to nutritionally fortified beverages are both a challenge and an opportunity for all brands and manufacturers. Brenntag’s Food Application and Development Centers will help you deliver the best products for your customers. Our daily job is understanding and responding to a need defined by customers and consumers and support it technically."

Adeline Duchatel
Application Lab Manager Food & Nutrition, France

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